We are passionate about helping and supporting others to achieve business success and growth. We advise business start ups as well as established businesses to help them plan their way to success.

We work in a flexible way offering the time and support that businesses need based on the budget available no matter how large or small. We work with sole traders, SME’s and some larger company groups.

Our Consultancy Services

  • Promotion campaigns for successful events
  • Branding and marketing development
  • Wedding service launch & wedding department review
  • Marketing support for existing events
  • Social media tips for event success
  • Full marketing audit & improvement plans
  • Website creation and redevelopment
  • Start-up business support

We offer event management guidance for venues wishing to have a venue health check, launch a new service or organise their own events and festivals. We can help develop your event branding and support you with promotion campaign materials and planning. We offer an event report which is a detailed plan helping you to organise your event and how to improve on current events or develop new ones.

We support businesses launching into the weddings industry. We can support you set up your wedding department, develop a marketing and sales strategy, support you with establishing your wedding team, and equip them with tools for success.

We work in partnership with venues wishing to outsource events. We have partnered up with various venues in Somerset to organise their annual wedding fairs and showcase open days.  Our fairs regularly attract between 80-150 brides.

We offer marketing consultancy services which includes a marketing audit, a full report and marketing plan with optional implementation options including brand development, graphic design and website creation/redevelopment.